Meet the team!

Sonia Gager-Tomkinson
Sonia Gager-Tomkinson
Drawing on forty years of practical experience working professionally with
horses and dogs, Sonia has academic (B.SC. Honours: Psychology and
Physiology together with a teaching degree) and vocational achievements
with numerous Diplomas and foundation degree qualifications in holistic
therapies (both human and animal).

She also holds qualifications in Neuro linguistic programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness.

Vocational qualifications include British Horse Society and other nationally recognised accredited courses.

She is a professional dog trainer and has
helped hundreds of equine, canine and human partnerships to have their
perfect life together; having become Pro Dog Certified in 2018. This together with a passion to help, her lifelong learning and a growth mindset
she believes she is in a position to help.

Lexie Liebhart
Lexie Liebhart
Lexie is working towards a BA degree in Management and Leadership
(chartered) and has worked in the family husky and dog training business for 5 years. She has been surrounded by horses and dogs all her life.
Lexie has the IT, media and technical skills necessary to today’s successful