Training that works on any dog!

A concept approach to training your dog.

A positive, fun filled, games-based approach to transforming your dog!

Are going for daily walks a nightmare of embarrassment and a feeling of failure and frustration?

Does your dog choose to bark hysterically, chase children, bikes, skateboards and will not come back?

Do you sometimes feel that your dog is responsible for so much of the stress and arguments in your home because they will not listen?

Do you feel you do not have the time or skills to provide the right home for your dog?

If any of this sounds familiar, then we’re here for you!

Discover the dog of your dreams inside the one you already have.

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Our Approach

Develop the life skills of your dogs through games!

We offer bespoke one-to-one sessions for your specific dog, as well as our live coaching calls each week where you can ask your own questions.

Our approach is not traditional obedience training, it’s a scientifically sound and proven approach to teaching your dog to control themselves, even when they are really excited. It is a fun and easy way to rewire your dog’s brain.

An Online Approach

We have a few fantastic online courses that we have developed to help you with your dog’s struggles. We want you to have the best chance at success with your beloved dog, so head to our course page to have a look at what we offer!

All our methods are written in detail in our book.

Deviant Dog to Dream Dog

This comprehensive, integrative approach will address the root of the issue in a compassionate, fun-filled, positive and reward rich way. This will ensure that the awesome results remain and are real life ready, not just in a training class or environment.


We will give you the knowledge and tools to power-boost your relationship. Once you are aware of the four key principles and implement the strategies you will be amazed at how quickly your life together will improve. The techniques are fun, simple and only take a few minutes. You can be the best partner for your dog and provide the best forever home.


After reading this book and implementing the strategies, you will be able to have a wonderful, well-behaved canine companion. You will gain the confidence to know that he is safe, calm and happy, living the best life with you. No more stress and arguments blamed on the dog. You’ll finally have that great quality time with your dog with pleasant, therapeutic walks, and much more time for your busy life or socialising with friends and family. Say goodbye to the frustration and embarrassment.


It is available in both print and e-book. To those lovely people, who purchase our book, you will be invited to join a closed Facebook group where you can ask specific questions about your dog and have the support of a group who are going through the same process!



Team of Professionals

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Sonia Gager-Tomkinson
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Lexie Liebhart

Find the dog of your dreams inside the one you already have...

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